About Us


What difference do we make?
Throughout the year  volunteers are a caring, practical Christian presence on Friday nights in Boscombe particularly on the precinct. We start at 9.00pm and stay as long as we can. We can make a difference  from simply helping people to find a taxi, through to  supporting those who find themselves vulnerable late at night. We can offer anything from sick bags, tissues, water, and flip flops for tired feet after dancing at the nightclub.   We also  offer information on local agencies and charities where longer term support can be found if necessary. 

Like other towns, Boscombe has  some rough sleepers and the Council works with them to help them reequip themselves for  a new start. A few can be persistent and our volunteers will look out for them especially on a very cold night and offer help and support.  In the winter months,  BCARS(Bournemouth Christians Alongside Rough Sleepers) and Faithworks Wessex organised  ’Sleepsafe’ which offers 12 extra beds to help people off the street. 

 Each summer for six weeks, we also have a team on the prom from Fisherman’s Walk to Boscombe Pier. This can be a busy time with many international students as well as holidaymakers and locals. We help and support in whatever way we can.


Anyone who is over 18,and is in sympathy with our Christian ethos of love and care for others, and is  happy to undergo training, have a DBS check  (formerly CRB) and give a few hours of their time every month to go out, would be welcome to ‘be an Angel.’ 

Prayer Supporters 

Would you like to join the group of people who support us with prayer? This group are kept in touch with by Boscombe Angels via e mail or phone.  From their homes, they keep the volunteers and all they may meet  in prayer. 

If you are interested, please get in touch in the first instance 
boscombeangels@gmail.com or contact us through FaceBook or Twitter.

Roger, Nic and Carmel seeking new volunteers at their local church.

Roger, Nic and Carmel seeking new volunteers at their local church.